A Study on the Relevance Criteria for Journalistic Images

洪彩圓 Tsai-Youn Hung


標題 A Study on the Relevance Criteria for Journalistic Images
作者 洪彩圓 Tsai-Youn Hung
學門領域 library and information science
關鍵詞 Image Retrieval; Journalistic Image; Relevance Criteria; Relevance Judgment
摘要 Selecting and editing images for news are critical components in photojournalism professionals’ daily work routines. The aim of this study is to collect empirical data on photojournalism professionals’ image-searching behavior on relevance judgments. A multimethod research design for data collection was applied, including pretest questionnaires, task scenarios and posttest interviews. The study involves 30 participants from newspaper and magazine companies in New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia. The results identify a total of 37 categories of relevance criteria applied by the participants when determining the relevance of images in the specific, general and subjective image searches. The findings show that there is a difference in using relevance criteria among the three searches. In the specific search, the participants relied more on visual content of the photos; in the general search, the participants needed to rely on personal feelings; while in the subjective search, the participants were more likely to use their knowledge and experience. It indicates that the process of relevance decision-making is situational. The results suggest that a more effective and efficient relevance feedback mechanism that enables a user to interact with the system and rate the relevance of the retrieved images during the retrieval process is necessary.
期刊名稱 圖書館學與資訊科學
卷期 第 44 卷 第 2 期 2018 年 10 月
出版日期 2019-02-22 (YYYY-MM-DD)
語言 en (English=en; 繁體中文=zh)
URI http://jlis.glis.ntnu.edu.tw/ojs/index.php/jlis/article/view/735
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